Laurie Lally is a professional with more than twenty years of experience in the field of Music Education. After completing an online Master’s program in Music Education at Boston University, Laurie saw the power of reaching students through online education. She now specializes in developing and teaching online college courses to both undergraduate and Master’s students.

Over the past twenty seven years, Laurie has taught instrumental music from her private studio located in the South Jersey area.  As a classically trained pianist, Laurie has provided instruction to both the young and old.  Many of her recitals have been held at the Camden campus, in the Mallery Room of the Fine Arts building. 

Recently, Laurie has started, The Haddon Project, a non-profit organization which plans to offer scholarships to inner-city children through education and the arts.  While still in the research phase, Laurie hopes to begin her program next year in the city of Camden.

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