I’ve got some great online courses lined up for this coming fall session!  Classes fill quickly so don’t delay.  Register now!


50:700:125  Intro to Music Theory

Course Description: An introduction to the elements of tonal music. This course provides students with an understanding of rhythm, pitch, keyboard, scales, key signatures, intervals, and triads.  There is an interactive, aural component included in this course.  Intended primarily for nonmajors and minors.  Course fulfills the General Education requirement (AAI).


50:700:212  Mind-Altering Music

Course Description: This course examines the powerful effects of music both psychologically and behaviorally in today’s world.  Topics will include education and learning; therapy and healing; rebellion and our youth; and patriotism and war.  Various music genres will be explored.  No prior musical knowledge or experience required.


50:700:215  Instrumentation in Music

Course Description:

This course examines the choice, purpose, and usage of instruments for various genres beginning with the American Symphony to today’s popular styles.  Topics covered:

  1. Instrument description and function with listening examples
  2. Comparative listening between genres
  3. Choice of instrumentation as a means of expression (this includes dynamics, tempo, accents and other orchestral components)
  4. Various artists within each genre examined that have mastered an instrument (ex. Genre: Rock; Instrument: Percussion; Group: The Who; Artist: Keith Moon)  Videos will provide examples.

This course fulfills the General Education requirement (AAI)


50:700:493  African Influence on American Music

Course Description: This course explores the diverse music and culture of the people of Africa, its transition into the Western world and its eventual influences on American music.  Students will examine influences on jazz and blues found particularly in the Mississippi Delta area up to Chicago’s South Side.  No prior musical knowledge or experience required.