Laurie A. Lally, MMus Ed. Boston

Online Course Development, Instructor of Music

Fine Arts Building Rm. 230
Office: (856) 225 – 6816


Laurie Ann Lally is a professional with more than thirty years of experience in the field of Music Education. After completing an online Master’s program in Music Education at Boston University, Laurie saw the power of reaching students through online education. She now specializes in developing and teaching online college courses to both undergraduate and Master’s students.

Along with earning her degrees, Laurie spent 13 years in private study with cellist/composer Marcel Farago, a now retired member of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Her private studies with Mr. Farago consisted of music theory, orchestration, piano, and cello.  Laurie also studied conducting under the direction of Rosalind Erwin, former music director, and conductor of the Bucks County Symphony.

Over the past 30 years, Laurie has taught instrumental music and music theory from her private studio located in the South Jersey area.  She has directed numerous adult and children’s choirs worked with special needs students and taught general music at a local elementary school.  As a classically trained pianist, Laurie has provided instruction to both young and old.  Many of her recitals have been held at the Camden campus, in the Mallery Room of the Fine Arts building.  Her teaching method is theory based with an emphasis on expression and musicality.  In 2016, Laurie developed Theory Smart, a music program designed to aid those who wish to prepare for college level learning or enhance their personal musicianship skills. 

Laurie has been an adjunct faculty member at Rutgers University since the fall of 2005.  Along with her online course development and instruction, Laurie teaches applied music, music theory, musicianship and counterpoint at the Rutgers-Camden campus and is also available for private tutoring.

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